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About Us

Welcome to C-MAC
from Ken Henderson, CEO

We are an international business operating with companies in Belgium and Canada, servicing customers from all over the world. Our people are our biggest asset and we are pleased to have many of the very best in the industry.

With a pedigree that has been developed over 50 years, we offer our customers  leading edge skills in design through manufacture and test of electronic components, modules and sub-systems for mission critical, high reliability applications.


Our guiding values and principles can be summarized as follows:


Focus : We are a specialist electronic engineering service provider focusing on process development and process solutions for the manufacturing of customised products capable of operating in the most extreme harsh environments including high temperature, vibration and humidity. We have a strong presence in the Automotive, Aerospace , Industrial and Medical Sectors.



Skills : We believe in winning through the capabilities of our people. Our people can turn electronics craftsmanship into commercial reality and produce work of exceptionally high standards for exceptionally demanding applications. We believe in skills development and being actively connected with the education system to find and develop talent.



"We are here for the long term and ready, willing and able to help new and existing customers with their high reliability electronics requirements."


Technology : We have consistently pushed our technology to new levels of performance. We span a broad range of substrate technologies including thick film hybrids and direct bonded copper. We are particularly proud of our capabilities in complete automation of complex processes removing all handling , which has a major impact not only on cost but more crucially on quality.


Accreditations/ quality : We invest in being able to assure our customers of the highest standards throughout our businesses and regularly open ourselves up for customer and other audits. Although we receive excellent results in these audits we constantly strive to improve.



"We can showcase successes across Automotive, Industrial, Aerospace, Medical and other mission critical platforms."


If you are interested in our offering please get in touch with us; you will find the details in the “Contact” section.

Ken Henderson

Contact Us

Parc Industriel Klein Frankrijk 4, 9600 Renaix, Belgium